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Tom Carmichael (Solve Geosolutions) has offered a 1 day workshop on the 24th on QGIS

Course Outline

GIS is a fundamental skill for Geoscientists who must routinely communicate geospatial intelligence to stakeholders in the resources industry. In this course the fundamentals of GIS will be taught using the QGIS platform, an open source GIS platform that is a viable alternative to traditional closed source platforms.

Workshop limited to 15 participants


  • Introduction to the fundamentals of GIS and basic function of the QGIS software platform
  • Application of GIS analysis to the resources exploration field
  • Introduction to the fundamentals of geospatial analysis and geoprocessing techniques
  • Effective communication of GIS intelligence by clear and concise map making


Laptops with QGIS v3.4 (most recent stable release) installed. Bring your own data if you want work with it during the course.


$330 (inc GST) per person