QGIS for Geoscientists Workshop

QGIS is a free open-source GIS program that runs on the PC, Mac and Linux. Although QGIS is not specifically built for geological applications, the program is very capable and can do the majority of data import, data display and map production required by today's geoscientists. Because the program is open source there are no problems with multiple copies and no licensing issues. QGIS is available in 24 languages including Chinese, Spanish, and Portuguese (including Brazilian Portuguese). A wide variety of geological symbols and patterns are available for decorating geological maps.

The workshop has been designed for those familiar with Geographic Information Systems to find out what QGIS can do for you. The workshop will comprise an introduction to the various features of QGIS and will be followed by extensive hands-on sessions using QGIS to create maps, and to explain and demonstrate the import and display various types of data (vector, raster, geological, geochemical, geophysical, and satellite imagery). Examples will be shown of the use of free on-line data from the GSWA and Landgate via web servers and the use of plug-ins to select, download and process satellite imagery.

Participants will be required to use their own laptop and the course will be based on the Windows OS, but feel free to use your Mac. Registrants will be requested to download and install the latest version of QGIS together with a number of free plug-ins and GIS data sets for the workshop